Write Path: How To Keep Writing In A Time of Citizen Journalism (Featured on Medium)

Many writers struggle to find their niche in an era of ‘citizen journalism’.
It seems anyone with a laptop or smart phone can be a writer. So how do you stand out from the crowd in an era of digital media.
1. Get your name online.
Are you active on social media feeds, personal websites or are you still relying on business cards to network? Cards are fine one-on-one, but most conversations occur online. You have to be there to make it happen.
2. Are you willing to invest the time without the pay?
Most writers get caught up in per word value rather than collective value. You should never go hungry but you should also never pass up opportunities to lend your voice to a broad and possibly influential audience. Share your thoughts and ideas in a collaborative environment and you will quickly see your own personal brand grow.
3. Personal Brand
Who are YOU? Are you a writer? Are you a blogger? Is your focus travel? New media? Cooking? Don’t let potential readers and clients get lost trying to figure out your expertise. Zone in on one or two and build outward. This will also help you connect with the opportunities you want and the people you want to connect with in your area of expertise.
4. Raise Your Voice
Journalism and writing is about telling stories and fighting for what matters. Don’t be silenced by the voices of the internet who may not share your ideas or agree with you. A conversation is a two-way path. Make sure you are part of it.
5. Write
Write now! Write as often as you can. Carry a note book to capture your inspiration. Take names. Gather information. You never know where the next story might come from. Get it on paper. Get it online. Don’t let the writing become something you do in between other things. Make it part of your life because a writer is who YOU are.

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